The continuously changing Economic Scenario, M&A Activities, Privatization, Deregulation, and Growing Competition is leading to a plethora of challenges faced by the Energy and Utility Industries. It is changing the way energy companies are doing business.

The drastic shift from nuclear to renewable resources of energy has led the energy companies to innovate on the technology front to enhance business efficiency.

We can help you by providing innovative and cutting-edge Technology Solutions and Experts Staffing that addresses your energy management solutions and other operational challenges and helps you achieve a competitive advantage.

Streamline supply chain logistics and optimize asset utilization

Improve field force productivity through our mobility solutions

Manage energy programs, support rate & behavior analytics

Maximize your benefits through investments in smart grid solutions

Exploration & Production

  • Customized content management solutions to manage E&P content
  • Predictive analytics solutions to increase the maturity of upstream asset management processes
  • Design, integration, implementation and support services for production surveillance and optimization
  • Advisory services on the use of real-time production data to enable smart decision making
  • Services to reduce costs and increase efficiency for oil field services companies

Refining & Energy Trading

  • Integration services for diverse information systems to seamlessly acquire quality control results, scheduling outputs, etc
  • Advanced reporting solutions on quality control to reduce the lead time
  • Customized retail solutions to improve the service delivery and retail margins
  • Energy trading and risk management solutions
  • Advanced analytics solutions to forecast the demand and optimize operations