Our Consultant

Our Consultant's SUCCESS, is our success

Collaboration to achieve your aspirations & mutual success

Every single time we hire an employee, we hire future partners – not just consultant or employee, but actual partners


We Are Committed to helping our employees overcome any challenge and attain spectacular success.


We at Absolute IT are driven by helping our employees to be successful. That means we create a community of like minded/skilled employees to share experiences. We also ensure that we provide any/ all support required for you to be successful at the client site.


Values we live by


Treating our Employees as future Partners

Depending on how well the consultants perform, we ensure that the benefits of success of the company are shared well and just with our employees.


Collaboration with our Consultants/ Employees

AiT collaborates and rewards our employees for stepping up and helping out with expanding the overall footprint of the company


Full Immigration support

Most of our management became a US citizen after coming to US with a Work Visa. For that reason alone, we 100% support for you to become the Citizen and will help out in any way we can.


Providing secure and transparent employee access for the billing to the end-client and the account receivables for the employee. We work on 8% net Margin.


The self-funded 401k plans as a corporate level advantage to every employees’ retirement savings with minimal fees.


Services that will be unique to the dynamics of your business workforce at a competitive cost.


Insurance coverage such as disability and life insurance, vision care, and dental insurance that offers competitive rates, customized to suit your and your family’s specific needs.

Recruiting Support

Recruiting staff that is ready to market your experience needed to find you the best possible opportunity for a corporate, federal, state, or local position

Immigration / Visa Support

A step-by-step Legal support to cover compliance issues with immigration laws stay on to ensure that you stay on your path to become US Citizen and on your way to live the American Dream

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

our Bench Sales

We have an expert Bench Sales team that actively works on finding the projects one month before your current project finishes.

Immigration Team

Or immigration team works closely with you to make sure that you get to your road to become a Citizen as soon as legally possible

our Employees trust us

Jing Chu

UX Designer, Luryc

“AiT is a highly professional consulting firm. I had the best experience dealing with the recruiters for them to be transparent, smart, and committed to my placement and success.”

Saurin Thakkar

Business Analyst, Lexus Nexus

“For over 4 years, Absolute IT has consistently proven their ability to get me my next project with better pay rate and support for me to outperform at the client site. I highly recommend working for AiT. Truly an employee-centric company.”

Ang Sherpa

Java Developer, Optech

“When I needed help to get my next project, Absolute IT turned out to be the perfect employer. They make sure that I have the next project ready before the previous one finishes”


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

Come join us as we embark on our Journey to be the most employee centric company.