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Sreerekha Bakaraju

I am a software professional with extensive experience in testing and quality assurance. I have a history of completing projects and tasks on time with accuracy and reliability. I bring other technical skills such as database maintenance, penetration, problem solving skills and development skills.
My qa resume
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Java Developer
I am a young man who is very hardworking and…
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Vamsi Krishna

Qlik Replicate Data Integration Specialist
Qlik Data Integration Expert with around 5.6 years of IT…
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SAP BO developer
SAP Business objects developer with 8 years exp
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Gabriel Esteves Messas

Software Engineer
The best
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Ashish Katta

Masters Student
Looking for cybersecurity jobs. Will be getting my masters degree…
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UXUI Designer
I am an enthusiastic and comprehensive digital designer who enjoys…
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